Tom Gormally Artist Statement

I’ve always been building and making objects out of wood, ever since I can remember being able to use tools - from go-carts and forts to weapons and swords. I served in the Navy in the Vietnam era, and am a disabled veteran. In my 20’s, after a near fatal car crash, I had an epiphany and realized that art was my life’s path. In art school I tried all types of new materials, from poured bronze to polyester resins. I became chemically sensitive to many of these materials, and decided that I would go back to the natural materials of my childhood; wood, stone, glass and stains.

My work takes a dark stab at re-inventing the wheel, addressing contemporary issues, and our legacy to future generations, with illogical sculptural absurdities such as personal nuclear cooling towers.

I create sculptures of wood, some on a massive scale, others diminutive; I use craftsmanship in the service of critiquing the current political misdirection and sense of personal entitlement. In building technologically advanced forms out of such basic material as wood, I seek to invoke an earlier time as well as the naiveté of childhood, imbuing the sculptures with lightness and whimsy while at the same time reminding us of who will inherit our legacy.