Meet The Artist: Artist talk and demonstration with Tom Gormally at Feast Arts Center in Tacoma, Washington.

Saturday June 4, 1:30 pm. Feast Arts Center, 1402 S. 11th Street, Tacoma, Washington, 98405. Event on Facebook here.

For the Meet the Artist event, Tom will talk about the work that he has made over the past year during his Artist Trust Fellowship. As part of the event, Tom will describe how to create silicon molds and then demonstrate the process of casting resin in the mold to create a resin object.

Casting with resin is a relatively simple process and is an inexpensive way to create three-dimensional objects. It is a low-toxicity process and the materials can be purchased at local art supply stores.

Tom will bring the silicon mold which he used to cast the resin books incorporated in his sculpture Rough Road to the Apocalypse which exhibited at Method Gallery. Using the silicon mold, Tom will go through each step of the process and create a cast resin book during the demonstration.

This event is made possible by the Artist Trust 2015 Fellowship grant. The Meet the Artist event is part of the grant whereby award recipients outreach into a community unaware of their artwork. Enjoy! To learn more about Artist Trust, see

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